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Vehicle Charging Station Installation Services

  • In a world that is constantly evolving towards electric mobility, offering efficient charging solutions is essential.
  • Our company specializes in installing charging stations for electric vehicle owners to facilitate their daily lives and contribute to the transition to more sustainable mobility.

Benefits of our service:

Our service offers many advantages for electric vehicle owners:

  • Our QUALIFELEC / IRVE qualification
  • Convenience and practicality: We install charging stations at workplaces, offering convenient access to quick and easy charging.
  • Reliability and safety: Our charging stations are of high quality, complying with the strictest safety standards, thus guaranteeing reliable and safe use.
  • Customization: We adapt our installations to the specific needs of each customer, taking into account their technical constraints and budget.
  • Scalability: We anticipate future charging needs by installing charging stations compatible with emerging and evolving technologies.
  • Turnkey service: We handle all stages of installation, from initial design to subsequent maintenance.

Installation Process:

Here's an overview of our charging station installation process:

  • Needs Assessment: We assess the customer's requirements, including power requirements, optimal location, and technical constraints.
  • Custom design: We design a solution tailored to the customer's specific needs, taking into account all technical and aesthetic aspects.
  • Professional installation: Our team of experts performs the installation in a professional manner and in compliance with the applicable standards.
  • Testing and verification: We perform rigorous testing to ensure that the charging station is working properly and safely.
  • Training and support: We provide comprehensive end-user training and offer ongoing support to address any questions or concerns. The specialist in electrical installation and industrial maintenance